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IC8 Modul 16-Opto-In

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The 16 channel isolator input board isolator input function. The isolator input part provides 16 Photo isolated Digital Input Channel, which allow the input signals to be completely floated and prevent the ground loop. There are 16 LED indicators corresponds to 16 input channels, when the input channel is activated at high stat, the corresponding LED is light. The power source is user selectable from internal PC bus or external power supplier.


Isolator Input Function

  • Support 16 opto-isolated input channels.
  • LED indicated when input channel is activated.
  • Internal and external power selectable.
  • Built in screw terminals for easy wiring.
  • Allow the input signals to be completely floated and prevent the ground loops.
  • Isolated or non-isolated modes selectable.
  • Input signals are buffered with voltage comparators.
  • Input threshold voltage adjustable
  • Breakdown voltage: 1500 VDC.
  • Screw terminal: accept #22 to # 12 awg wire.
  • Input current: 80mA maximum for each isolated input.
  • Input voltage: 30VDC maximum for each isolated input.

The package contains:

IC8-Board, Software-CD, Manual





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