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Decision in Taiwan has discontinued development and support of Windows XP drivers from March 2014!

Manuals - Relop - PDF

Item German   Taiwan Englisch
DCI-12L DCI-12L.pdf   12 Bit ADDA Card LC.pdf
DCI-12S2 Super12-14-deutsch.PDF   manual super 12 bit adda.pdf
DCI-14S2 Super12-14-deutsch.PDF    
AD12-P5     PCI 12bit adda.pdf
AD14-P1-5     PCI 14bit adda.pdf


Driver Windows (XP)-Vista-Win-7/8/10

Englisch manual for DecLib.pdf

Englisch manual for Dii.pdf



RELOP-4P - RELOP-8P - RELOP-16P - OPOP-16P - 8255-P2 - 8255-PMVS - AD12P5 - AD-14P
The following files replace the drivers in the DDI_130.exe



Windows-95/98 + NT/2000 Driver

Driver for 8255-N, 82-LAB, 82192-V, Relop-8, Relop-16, DCI-12L, DCI-12/14S

DII Version 1.89 Win-98/NT(2000/XP) old driver for ISA - Englisch Version

DII Version 1.811 Win-98/NT(2000/XP) Driver for ISA/PCI - German Version


Manual German

Manual Englisch


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