The German and English manual offers improved, bug-fixed and more comprehensive information. It is continuously updated and is therefore preferable to the Taiwan Manual. Suggestions for improvements are welcome!

At Manual - English some are still in work.

The English manual from Taiwan is the original version.

Some instructions from very old and little sold boards I didn't include in this download area. But every manual is available. Please inquire in case of need. A board photo is mostly helpful for identification!


USB 4 Relais/Opto USB-4-RO USB-4-RO-e usb_4_photo_input_relay_output_board
USB 4 SSR/Opto USB-4-SO    
USB Mini   mini_usb_4_photo_relay mini_usb_4_photo_relay
USB 8 Opto In USB-8-O   usb_8_photo_input_board
USB 8 Relais USB-8-R   usb_8_relay_output_board
USB 8 Relais/Opto USB-8-RO USB-8-RO usb_8_photo_input_relay_output_board
USB 16 Opto In USB-16-O   usb_16_photo_input_board
USB 16 Relais USB-16-R   manual_usb_16_relay_output_board
USB 16 Opto/SSR USB-16OSSR-d    
USB 16 Opto/Opto USB-16-OO USB-16OO-e usb_16_photo_input_output_board
USB 16 Relais/Opto USB-16-RO USB-16-RO-e usb_16_photo_inputrelay_output_board
USB 16 Relais/Opto - 7-30V USB-16-ROn    
USB 32 Opto In USB-32-O USB-32-O-e manual_usb_32_photo_input_board
USB 32 Relais USB-32-R USB-32-R-e manual_usb_32_relay_output_board
USB 32 Relais - 7-30V USB-32-Rn    
USB Labor USB-LAB-d   manual_usb_lab_kits
USB Starter USB-Starter USB-Starter manual_usb_starter
USB Industrial     manual_usb_industry_control_board_2
--USB Industrial     Init Setting Manual_for Industry
USB AD/DA   USB-ADDA-1416-ges ADDA_CMD manual
--USB AD/DA     USBADDA installation guide
USBDII_Manual     USBDII_Manual
Serial-Communication     Serial_Communication
Firmware Update Manual     Firmware Update Manual
Init Setting Manual     Init Setting Manual
USBDII_Manual     USBDII_Manual

ISA + PCI Relais/Opto I/O - 8255 - AD/DA

PCI 16 Opto I/O OPOP-16P   manual pci 16 photo IO
PCI 16 SSR/Opto OSSR-16P    
PCI 4 Relais/Opto RELOP-4P   manual pci 4 photo relay
PCI 8 Relais/Opto Relop-8p   manual pci 8 photo relay-o
PCI 16 Relais/Opto Relop-16P   manual pci 16 photo relay
ISA 8 Relais/Opto RELOP-8   Smartlab 8 Channels Relay Output- 8 Channels
ISA 16 Relais/Opto Relop-16   Smartlab 16 Channels Relay Output- 16 Channels
PCI-IC8-GP     manual pci industrial
ISA-IC8 alle     Industrial Control Card-ISA
IC8-Relais 10A     IC8-RH
PCI-8255 8255-P2   manual PCI 8255_20081017
PCI-8255-192 8255-PMV   manual PCI multi8255-SMD_20081017
ISA-8255 8255-N   DCI SmartLab 8255-8253 IO CARD and Terminator Board
ISA-8255-192 8255-192   8255-192 multi
ADDA     In Bearbeitung


422-2F ISA-8 2-Port RS422/485 PC COM 2 PORT RS422-RS485 Card
232-2EF ISA-16 2-Port RS232 PC COM ISA BUS 2 PORT RS-232 CARD
422-2EF ISA-16 2-Port RS422/485 PC COM ISA BUS 2 Port RS422-RS485 Card
232-2PFI PCI 2-Port RS232 isoliert PCI 2 RS232 w isolator_20081017
232-2PHY PCI 2-Port RS-232/422/485 PCI 2 port hybrid serial adapter_20081017
...-2PF PCI 2-Port RS-232/422/485 PCI 2 port serial adapter
422-2PFI PCI 2-Port RS422/485 isoliert PCI 2 RS422 485w isolator_20081017
422-4F ISA-8 4-Port RS422 4 Port RS-422 Card
232-4F ISA-8 4-Port RS-232 PC COM 4 PORT RS232 Card
232-4EF ISA-16 4-Port RS-232 PC COM ISA BUS 4 PORT RS-232 CARD
232-4PHY PCI 4-Port RS-232/422/485 PCI 4 port hybrid serial adapter_20081017
    PCCOM Hybrid deutsch
232-4PF PCI 4-Port RS-232 DIP PCI 4 port universal RS232 adapter_20081017
232-4PF PCI 4-Port RS-232 SMD  
232-4PFI PCI 4-Port RS-232 isoliert PCI 4 port w isolator adapter_20081017
232/422-8EF ISA-16 8-Port RS-232/422 manual isa8port
232/422-8PF PCI 8-Port RS-232/422 PCI 8 port serial adapter_20081017
232-8LP PCI 8-Port RS-232 - LP PCI 8 port universal RS232 adapter_20081017
232-8PFI PCI 8-Port RS-232 isoliert PCI 8 RS232 w isolator adapter_20081017
232-8XP PCIe 8-Port RS-232 232-8XP2
232-REP RS-232 Verstärker RS232 Repeater
232-20 Current-Loop-Konverter Rs 232 Current Loop Converter
422-CON RS232/422 Konverter 422-CON
422-ISO Isolierter RS232/422 Konverter RS232 to RS422 Photo Isolator Converter
485-ISO Isolierter RS232/422 Konverter RS232 to RS485 photo isolator
232-Kabel Beispiele RS-232 Verkabelung RS-232-Kabel
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