ISA - Industrial-Control-Card  IC-8


ISA Industrial-Control-Card IC-8

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The 8-channel industry control board is a programmable I/O interface for PC/XT, PC/AT, PC/386, or compatibles. It provides total 8 i/O digital I/O ports, each I/O port contains 8 I/O lines, and can be set either input or output by the use's program. The signal assignments of 8 channel industry control board is designed as a standard configurations, so that it can be used to connect to the expansion card family are 16/8 channel relay output board, 16/8 channel isolator input board, 8 channel SSR/Logic output board etc.

Bus: ISA 8-Bit


  • Control-board with 8 I/O ports - each with 8 I/0-Lines for the connection of four external IC8... Control module.

  • Connection with 25-pole DSUB rounding cords.

  • 16 addresses are variable between H180 and H1F8.

  • Several IC8G boards are possible in a system


English manual with adjusting plan, terminal diagram, data sheets and sample programs
Windows-98/NT/2000/XP,Vista, Linux driver or info

The package contains

IC8GE Board, four expansion flat cable with 25 pins connector. Software-CD, Manual





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