USB 32 Relays



USB 32 Relays - only Board
Item-No.: UPR-32 - not available at the moment!
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USB 32 Relays - Din-Rail-Module + EMI-Kit incl.
Item-No.: UHR-32 - not available at the moment!
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Bus: USB 2.0


  • 32 SPDT-Relays - 1 x COM/NO
  • Maximum current 500mA
  • Maximum 30V
  • 32 LED correspond to I/O ports activation status.
  • Easy exchange by interchangeable screw-terminals


  • For direct DIN-Rail mounting
  • Also as board without DIN-Rail-adapter available
  • HIgh Speed 8051 μC Core
  • USB 2.0 Function Controller
  • On-Chip Debug
  • Support USB ID 0~14 SET
  • POWER DC+5V 1,5A DC ADAPTOR (optional)


Operating temp. range: from 0 to 55C.

Relative humidity rage: from 0 to 90%.

Size: 250 mm - 120 mm - 55 mm


EMI-Kit for Din-Rail-Module incl.

USB wiring is very sensitive to EMI errors (mainly sparking when opening contacts). The Kit (U-EMI-1) includes two Würth folded cores for the USB data cable and a Ferrite sleeve for the power supply cable.

Package includes the following items:

USB Board, USB cable, Software/Manual CD



Support Windows 7/8/10/11, Windows server 2003/2008/2012; Linux kernel version 2.4 or the later and the sample for programming.

Per shipping you receive freshly burned „Decision Computer Germany service CD“ with current drivers, manuals, installation guidances and German additional information. The extent depends on the product!


Useful Accessories


DIN-Rail-Powersupply 5V-3A
Item-No.: PS-5-3H
Unit Price 13,00 € - plus. 19 % VAT

  • Switching power supply
  • 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • 5V 3A or 5A
  • DIN-Rail
  • 22,5x90x100 mm



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