ISA 8 Relays +
8 Photoisolator


ISA 8-Relays/8-Opto

Item-No.: RELOP-8

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The 8 channels relay output / photo isolator input adapter provides relay output functions. The relay output part provides 8 relays to drive 8 different output channels. Each relay channel can be used to control ON/ OFF of external devices, to drive external high power relays, to activate alarms... etc.

The photo isolator input part provides 8 photo couple digital input channels, which allow the input signals to be completely floated and prevent the ground loop.

Bus: ISA 8-Bit


  • Support 8 relay output channels and 8 photo couple input channels
  • Max contact rating for relay: 120V / DC 1AMP.
  • Attraction time for relay: 3 ms.
  • Fall off time for relay: 2 ms.
  • Isolation resistance for relay: 100M OHM
  • Life expectancy for relay: 100 million operations at signal level load.
  • Allow the photo input signals to be completely floated and prevent the ground loops.
  • Activation voltage: 17 to 28V or TTL level.
  • Address selectable.(100H bis 3F8H)


English manual with adjusting plan, terminal diagram, data sheets and sample programs
Windows-98/NT/2000/XP,Vista, Linux driver or info

The package contains:
RELOP-8 Board, Software-CD, Manual






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