Multi Port Serial-Cards RS-485

  • ISA, PCI or PCIe Bus
  • RS 485
  • RS 485 isolated ones can be found on the RS-422 cards
  • RS 485 with 8/16Bit BUS can be found on the RS-422 cards as a combined 422/485 version.
  • An RS-232/422/485 configurable version (hybrid) can be found on the RS-232 cards.
  • Up to 4 cards in one system.
  • Software: English manual with setting plan, connection plan and programming examples.
  • Possibility of use on the operating systems WIN-7/8/10, Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, OS/2, DOS and Linux (dependent on board).
  • Almost all serial cards are still available. Old stocks are often available at a special price.
  • Other cards may be produced in expensive small series in Taiwan. Then I have to consult the manufacturer.
  • Please ask for more information if necessary!


PCI RS485 - 2-Port

  • RS-485 PCI Card 2-Port - 16550
  • PCI 2RS485 CARD W/CE

  • More Information

PCI RS485 - 4-Port

  • RS-485 PCI-Card 4-Port - 16550.
  • APCI4RS485/CE
  • PCI 4RS485 CARD W/CE

  • More Information

PCI RS485 - 8-Port

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