8255 PIO and AD/DA

USB-Module mit 4 bis 32

Relays and/or Photoisolator

PCI-PCIe-ISA Multiport

RS-232 - RS-422 - RS-485

Viele ältere, ab 1986 hergestellte Produkte, sind noch ab Lager oder auf Sonderbestellung lieferbar!

PCI und ISA Relais

und Optokoppler-Karten

PC-ADD-ON for industrial control - laboratory - automation

USB Relays - Opto

Reed Relays - SSR - TTL I/O - Contact Closure Detect - AD/DA

ISA/PCI Relays - Opto

Reed Relays - SSR - TTL Input and Output - Contact Closure Detect

ISA/PCI 8255 I/O

TTL Input and Output - 48 or 192 I/0
8254 Counter/Timer


AD/DA Boards


2 - 4 - 8 fach Multiport Serial-Boards
RS-232/422/485/20mA Converter.


Driver, Programsample,
Manuals etc.

 Current information on the delivery situation 


Most items have been in production for 20 to 30 years. However, many very old items are still available! 
Due to the serious illness of the CEO, Decision-Taiwan will end production in 2024! 
For this reason, we are no longer producing for stock and are trying to reduce inventory. 
Some USB-I/O products are not available. UHRO-8, UHO-32 etc. are in stock. 
RELOP-8P, RELOP-16P and IC-8 are currently available in sufficient quantities. 
The stock of all items will be added to the website in the next few days. 
Important employees have left Decision-Taiwan in the meantime. 


I have just received a message from Taiwan 

that no more I/-O cards can be produced! 


Info from 26.1.2024

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