8255 PIO and AD/DA

USB-Module mit 4 bis 32

Relays and/or Photoisolator

PCI-PCIe-ISA Multiport

RS-232 - RS-422 - RS-485

Viele ältere, ab 1986 hergestellte Produkte, sind noch ab Lager oder auf Sonderbestellung lieferbar!

PCI und ISA Relais

und Optokoppler-Karten

PC-ADD-ON for industrial control - laboratory - automation

USB Relays - Opto

Reed Relays - SSR - TTL I/O - Contact Closure Detect - AD/DA

ISA/PCI Relays - Opto

Reed Relays - SSR - TTL Input and Output - Contact Closure Detect

ISA/PCI 8255 I/O

TTL Input and Output - 48 or 192 I/0
8254 Counter/Timer


AD/DA Boards


2 - 4 - 8 fach Multiport Serial-Boards
RS-232/422/485/20mA Converter.


Driver, Programsample,
Manuals etc.


An offer from Decision-Group Taiwan
  • We can produce circuit diagram layout and PCB.
  • We can R&D various types of automation software program and drivers or system program for Window series, Linux, Solaris / OpenSolaris, PHP, Python and Android.
  • We can as well R&D telecommunications networks, data packet analysis and interpretation, voice system and commercial software.

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